How to Protect Confidential Documents For Boards

Boards are the main force of an organization taking important decisions and holding important discussions that affect all stakeholders. This means that lots of sensitive information is shared within boards and should be secured from unauthorized access.

One of the best ways to secure confidential documents for boards is by implementing robust security measures that prevent access to sharing, viewing and printing. A secure board portal can encrypt documents to limit them to being accessible to authorized users.

Most portals for boards allow you to set limits on the length of time a document can be accessed and restrict who can download or print it. A lot of systems allow you to track who has looked at documents, and even a report showing how many times and by who.

A confidentiality policy is another method to safeguard confidential documents. The policy should clearly specify that, unless otherwise legally required or authorized by the board, directors are permitted to not divulge confidential information to third parties, including the sponsors of their constituency directors, and should define what constitutes confidential information. It isn’t easy to enforce a similar policy, but it does provide an understanding to all directors. It also makes it easier to defend the company against claims that it violated their confidentiality obligation.

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