Best Software for Private Equity Deals

If you’re involved in private equity, then you know that a lot of information has to be collected and stored during the process of evaluating and closing deals. The most efficient software for the purposes of a PE transaction is usually linked to third-party services that offer data and tools for due diligence. Additionally, it can assist with tracking and reporting on the performance of the deal following the investment.

A centralized system is crucial for managing the investor relations, evaluating the performance of companies in their portfolio and integrating fund accounts. The right solution will automate workflows and provide the source of truth that can be used to defend any information needed to conduct due diligence.

Until recently, leading PE firms depended on Excel spreadsheets and their own internal systems to track companies, contacts, and activity. This led to huge inefficiencies and missed opportunities to discover and win deals. To remedy this there was a second group of software providers that specialize in the private equity industry created software that was designed to manage and automate deal flow. These are typically CRM-based products that focus on relationship intelligence. Navatar Affinity Altvia and other examples of this kind of software are available.

Consider how simple the software will be to use and use. Also consider whether the product can be integrated with other programs your team utilizes to accomplish their tasks -such as email, calendaring and collaboration tools, and even financial software. Then, compare the prices and features, integrations, and user feedback using the resources available on this page.

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