Inside Britain’s steroid problem: how the ‘quick-fix’ bodybuilder’s drug went mainstream

Inside Britain’s steroid problem: how the ‘quick-fix’ bodybuilder’s drug went mainstream

At our clinic in London, we want you to make informed and educated decisions about using anabolic steroids. Book a no-obligation consultation and find out how we can help you be the best you can be. Schwarzenegger’s apparent rude health aside, there is proof steroids can be deadly, with three deaths over the last few years.

  • Whether you’re striving for increased muscle mass, more strength, or improved cutting cycles, our oral steroids are the perfect choice.
  • If you are considered to have played a substantial and/or leading role, your sentence will likely be much more severe than if you are found to have played a minor and/or subordinate role in the conspiracy.
  • Discover the secret to lean muscle gains, enhanced fat metabolism, and improved overall vitality.
  • The majority of people who visit Smart Muscle come for the needle exchange, but as a competitive power-lifter herself they often agree to speak to Shearer about their steroid use, as they see her as credible.

Crosland believes he knows of 20 to 30 steroid related deaths in the last year in the UK. “These are people that I know, who used steroids and have died, and in pretty much every case it’s been a heart attack,” he says. Dave Crosland, a former steroid user who runs a specialised drug and steroid advice service, first took the drugin 1990 aged just 19. “Back then that was quite abnormal, most people would do eight to 12 weeks,” he said.

What defence is there against a conspiracy to supply steroids charge?

“It’s not uncommon for these vials to be containing something else or to be contaminated,” adds Hamilton. As well as speaking to a medical professional about your use of steroids and monitoring your body’s reaction to them through blood tests, you should also consider post cycle therapy (PCT). It’s undeniable that steroids have been used in a medical capacity for decades and in a less official performance-enhancing one for almost as long. It’s likely that many athletes and bodybuilders will swear by them and profess not to have experienced any harmful side effects.

Amphetamines are a class B drug, so their possession and misuse is deemed more serious than anabolic steroids. Please get in touch for a free initial consultation with one of our expert criminal defence solicitors, as well as immediate representation and advice on dealing with an arrest or charges connected to importation of steroids. If you are accused of involvement in a criminal conspiracy to import steroids, establishing your innocence, or that you only played a minor role, is often key to your defence. Achieving this may rely on various types of evidence, including mobile phone data, financial records, CCTV footage, DNA evidence, fingerprint evidence and witness testimony as required. Our Complete Health Profile (£195) includes tests that may detect many of the side effects of steroids, including a kidney and liver function test and a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. We also provide a Complete Hormone Profile (£165) and post-cycle therapy (PCT) drugs to help you have power over your decisions and health.

Our expertise with conspiracy to supply steroids charges

Mainstream brands including EasyGym, Bannatynes, Fitness First, David Lloyd and Pure Gym have had to install refuse facilities in a number of their branches. And it’s the branches of those gyms in the north, more than elsewhere, who have been quickest to the draw in terms of accepting what’s really going on in their locker rooms. Its mainstream coming-out moment occurred when Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews was thrown off I’m A Celebrity… thanks to an apparently unmanageable addiction. And according to the latest data, those who are taking them are among a growing herd. This can helptreat autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, which are caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the body. Steroids do not tend to cause significant side effects if they’re taken for a short time or at a low dose.

• Nandrolone decanoate is available in injectable form and is often referred to as Deca. This prescription medicine is usually considered safe and is one of the most used AAS in the world. Consequently, a culture has arisen of users having to work out for themselves what’s fake and what’s authentic.

Is there a Safe Way to Take Steroids?

Discover the secret to lean muscle gains, enhanced fat metabolism, and improved overall vitality. If you are found guilty of supplying or selling you can get a prison sentence of up to 14 years or face an unlimited fine. Anabolic steroids are a class C drug in the UK and can only legally be bought from a pharmacist with a prescription. Originally developed as an experimental drug to treat muscle-wasting conditions, they have become popular with gym-goers on social media who want to build muscle and lose fat.

If you have a query or need urgent assistance regarding conspiracy to supply steroids, contact us immediately for a free initial consultation. Based in Manchester, we advise and represent clients throughout England and Wales every day, at any hour – so whenever you need us we’re always available. We are available 24 hours a day and will always make sure that you are fully updated, no matter how quickly events unfold.

But a Google search for “buy steroids UK” draws 22.1 million hits, with the first website boasting next day UK delivery for over 200 different types, demonstrating the ease of availability. This month it was reported that steroids, a Class C drug, are now widely available for purchase via social media, with over 31,000 posts on Instagram alone mentioning Dianabol, a steroid that can be swallowed or injected. In 2018, the University of Copenhagen published a survey in the Journal of Internal Medicine, which looked at more than 500 men who used steroids and found that mortality rates were three times higher amongst users. Then look no further than Steroid Factory, home to over 50 injectable steroids! We carry all the best injectable steroids to help hit your training goals, including testosterone, trenbolone, boldenone, nandrolone, and DECA.

7 legal representation for conspiracy to supply steroids charges

The “supply” offence can mean something as simple as sharing with someone else, even if you don’t sell the steroids to them. If you or somebody you know has been arrested and needs expert legal representation, contact Draycott Browne today. If you believe that you have been wrongly accused, or you dispute your involvement in the crime, it’s crucial that you have a skilled defence team who are able to review your case and scrutinise all of the evidence. We will analyse all of the available evidence from CCTV footage, mobile phone records, financial records and witness statements to prove your innocence and have the case dismissed. There is also a risk of contracting HIV and Hepatitis C by sharing injecting equipment. Those continuing to inject can protect themselves to some degree by using clean equipment and not sharing with anyone else.

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