Asus Gaming Laptops

Asus has long been a leader in the gaming laptop market, and it offers the most modern models available. The asus gaming laptops offer excellent performance, crisp displays and lightweight designs. They are great for anyone who wants to enjoy an open world or fight with friends online.

The F15 is not any different. Asus’ TUF line is renowned for its low-cost high-performance and affordable products. It is packed with Intel Tiger Lake processors and Nvidia graphics that will delight a lot of gamers however, it also keeps costs at an attractive price.

The most impressive feature of the laptop is the stunning screen that runs at 240Hz. It can provide you with a stunning gaming and viewing experience. The panel is a 90 percent screen-to-body my link laptop that is able to be viewed either in landscape or portrait modes. You can also change the display settings to suit your preferences.

Asus has also added IceCool technology on the machine. This is a dual-fan system that utilizes a clever thermal design to keep temperatures at a low level and avoid spikes. The fans are quiet and can be controlled by an app.

The only drawback of the laptop is that its speakers getting distorted and loud at high volumes. This isn’t a big issue however it’s something to consider if you are planning to use your laptop to record audio or video. The laptop is expensive but it’s certainly not as exorbitant as a sports car or a custom-made suit.

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