What is Visual GUI Testing

It can also save time and effort by automating the testing process and allowing testers to focus on more complex testing tasks. Visual GUI testing tools use computer vision algorithms to analyze and compare the screenshots, looking for changes in visual elements such as text, images, and layout. These tools can be particularly useful for detecting subtle visual defects that traditional functional testing methods might miss. In software testing techniques, the implementation of a Graphical user interface is essential for executing the other types of software testing. For example, for UI testing we can perform the test on a text field that will take input from the user or the dropdown that slides down when the mouse is hovered over it.

what is gui testing

While functional testing can help identify issues with the way the application is supposed to work, it does not guarantee that the visual elements of the application are correct. In order to identify the bugs or defects, which occurred during the design phase, we will use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tools that help us improve the quality of the software. The hybrid tests are the different approach in order to perform GUI testing at the current time. It is a beneficial technique for non-technical background users to develop a test case by recording their sessions. And after that, the user who is familiar with coding can further control these recorded tests technically. Thanks to Selenium, the most popular open-source framework for automation testing.


However, creating an in-house testing infrastructure is expensive and loaded with on-premise challenges and scalability issues. Therefore, leveraging a real device cloud to eliminate the need for an in-house device lab is a better and more cost-effective way to test the user interface. You can use the user experience testing technique by handing over the completed project to the end user. The end user can then use the completed project and send feedback to the developer via the testing team.

In the fast-paced world of iOS app development, having a reliable and efficient process for testing is essential. While manual testing can have its benefits, it can also be time-consuming and prone to errors. You don’t just want to know that the car can move forward, turn, and stop. You want to feel how smoothly it accelerates, how comfortably it turns, and how responsive the brakes are. Similarly, manual testing provides nuanced insights about the look and feel of the software and how it responds to human interactions. However, manual testing can be time-consuming and subject to human error, especially for larger, more complex applications.

Why Is Visual GUI Testing Important?

The primary goal is to validate not just functionality, but also the performance of these elements. UI Testing essentially acts as a quality checkpoint, verifying that the software’s user interface aligns with the user’s what is gui testing needs and expectations, thus enhancing overall user experience. Exponential growth in smartphone, tablet, laptop, and computer usage has made the web and app development industry competitive in recent years.

  • “Everything that’s automatable should be automated.” That’s a sentence I like to use when selling automated testing to beginners.
  • What matters is that they do change a lot, which, depending on the tools and techniques you use when doing UI testing, can result in fragile tests that break easily.
  • Once all the tests have been run, compile the results into a report.
  • UI test cases break down test steps, data, precondition and postcondition for specific scenarios and they check requirements too.

By virtue of this data, the team can shape test scenarios, craft test cases, and write test scripts that address required issues. It is always important that you test on real devices and browsers to ensure that all the real user conditions are covered. Manual UI Testing can be done seamlessly using BrowserStack Live, where you get access to 3000+ real devices and browsers.

Planning and artificial intelligence

UI testing is vast, and GUI testing is a subset of UI testing. For example, GUI testing comprises checking the color of items, the functionality of elements visible to the user, and so on. UI testing also includes non-graphical interface components like the command line reader or anything else through which the user will interact with the GUI. Besides, in mobile user interface testing, the command line interface with every means of interaction is tested, while in GUI testing, the graphic interface with which the user engages is focused on. Before running test cases, it is important to create a test plan to identify the scope of the project, resources available and functionalities to be tested in the application. The entire team works on creating test scenarios, creating test cases and scripts to start with testing.

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