Abstinence Or Moderation: Is There A Correct Choice?

She’d had a few occasions recently where she blacked out from drinking, then spent days in bed depressed. The group gave her ideas for ways she could take a few days away from all of it – the stress, the husband and the drinking – and suggested more therapy to deal with the psychological triggers of her drinking and depression. “I make plans for my non-drinking days so that I’m not thinking about it so much – I work out, I schedule late work meetings, so it’s not even a temptation,” a tall, thin older woman says. Later, she explains that there was a time not long ago when the idea of getting through any day without five or six drinks seemed impossible to her.

  • At the time, the marines tried to frame it as an attempted suicide.
  • The biochemical restoration really helped with the withdrawal and the ‘psychoeducation’ was useful.
  • They figured out why I had these symptoms and provided the most in-depth assessment and recommendations I had ever received.
  • Studies have shown that in some cultures there are a small percentage of people who can return to moderate drinking.
  • The therapists helped me develop new ways of coping with stress, which has changed my life for the better.
  • Their decision is often the result of failed attempts at controlled drinking and/or suffering severe alcohol-related consequences.

When someone relapses, they may feel like they failed. At our Ohio residential treatment center, we understand that relapse is often a part of recovery and are here to help you wherever you may be in the recovery journey. Contact us today to learn more about us at Vertava Health Ohio and take a step toward life-long recovery. Moderation Management assumes that all behaviors can be changed and that alcohol use is a learned behavior for problem drinkers and not a disease. MM also assumes that there are varying degrees of alcohol abuse and alcohol-related problems, and a reasonable option for some individuals early in the development of their alcohol use disorder is to find a way to return to moderation. Using alcohol or other drugs in moderation may be challenging, and some individuals may find that they need to become involved in more stringent programs.

The Importance of Nutrition in Recovery

Men should not exceed four drinks in one sitting or a total of fourteen drinks in one week. The limit for women is three drinks in one sitting and nine drinks in one week. After her release from prison, Kishline eventually died by suicide. Her story highlights the importance of seeking alcohol abstinence vs moderation the right kind of treatment for excessive drinking. Calls to numbers on a specific treatment center listing will be routed to that treatment center. Calls to any general helpline (non-facility specific 1-8XX numbers) could be forwarded to SAMSHA or a verified treatment provider.

I also really appreciated their non-judgemental and pragmatic approach. You have a family history of drug or alcohol addiction. You have no family history of drug or alcohol addiction. Moderation Management may be a way for a person to ease into recovery, as it can seem initially less daunting than complete abstinence. An individual may be resistant to traditional treatment models, and MM may be a method of encouraging a loved one to receive some form of support and encouragement toward recovery. The MM program is not unlike other recovery programs, including 12-Step programs and even group therapy options, in adopting these basic assumptions.

Methadone and Suboxone: Treatment for Opioid Addictions

Moderation management can best be achieved through professional treatment for those seeking it. A study from 2012 indicates the more likely it is that the addict will achieve long-term moderation management if they’ve tried medication at some point. It was found that 56.1% of individuals who started alcohol abuse in the past 20 years and attempted medication at some period were abstinent, opposed to 24.5 percent of people who were never treated.

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