8 Remote Part-Time Jobs for College Students That Are Worth Your Time

While you’ll need to invest a little money upfront for your starter kit, you’ll get sample products that you can put to good use. For each product you sell, you’ll earn a commission, and if you choose to build a team, you can earn even more.

Social media platforms are another booming area where you can connect with corporations to offer you a remote job. You can also see advertisements for various positions that you are qualified for. If you’ve got a gift for writing and editing , freelance writing might be the perfect thing for you.

Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Tutor Jobs (In-Person & Online)

As such, they can edit articles freelance or find an opportunity to work for a bookstore or a publisher. They can edit magazines, books and news publications in newspapers.

Gaps in your class schedule are inevitable during college, especially as you get further along in your degree program. Course required for your major followed by three back-to-back lectures beginning at noon. Another option is to be hired by a companyspecifically for that purpose, and use your language expertise to assist a firm in its business.

Virtual Assitant (VA)

Even if your blog doesn’t take off, it could be a cool project and sample of your writing to show future employers. Once you complete a project, make sure to collect a good review from the client. By building a good reputation online, you’ll be even more likely to get hired for the next project. remote work for college students Coding, programming, and web design skills will serve you well during and after college. These skills are in high demand, and web designers and programmers command relatively high salaries. Your Guide to Internships in Kansas City Looking for paid summer internships in Kansas City?

What is the most flexible job for students?

  • Work for a Professor.
  • Apply to Be a Research Assistant.
  • Become a Brand Ambassador.
  • Become a Resident Advisor.
  • Join Campus IT Support.
  • Manage the Front Desk at a Local Gym.
  • Become a Campus Tour Guide.
  • Write for Blogs and Businesses.

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