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Not only will this improve your ability to teach, however it’ll reinvigorate your individual follow. To be keener in your observation and extra assured in your touch is to be more skillful in life. Join us for this illuminating journey of touch, observation, understanding and sharing. We asked animal-music expert David Rothenberg about his method to recording the varied sounds of belugas, sperm whales, humpbacks, and more. The Ashtanga Yoga system is a living lineage that dates again almost 5 thousand years in an unbroken line of academics, sages and gurus that has reached millions of practitioners by way of the love and dedication of lecturers passed and alive who dedicate their life to keeping the teachings alive. Bibi is grateful to be sharing this lineage as a means to attach college students round who cross her path with the traditional wisdom of Yoga as a means to find well being and equanimity.

David rothenberg on capturing the mysterious and delightful sounds of whales

Sound meditation explores this esoteric side of music, utilizing harmonically advanced devices such as gongs, singing bowls, and hand drums to create deep meditative states. Alexandre Tannous is a famend sound meditation skilled who lately conducted some improvised periods for a Splice Explores pack — under, we spoke with Alexandre to be taught more in regards to the artwork of sound meditation and how he created his sounds. Vivian is a visionary healer, breathwork instructor and religious information who creates collective spaces for awakening and transformation. She is an architect of sacred spaces, and the creator of Frequency, a breathwork organization and Diamond Rose Sanctuary, a retreat center in CT.

Our conversation begins with Alexandre’s explanation of harmonic frequencies and the problem with the quantization of the 12-tone scale. We discuss the value of sound within the context of psychedelic experiences, in addition to sound meditation protocols (set and setting). We conclude with points that have to be addressed when working with these powerful tools.

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Based on the Latin inspirare (“to breathe or blow into”), Vivian is an inspiratrix, one who breathes life into others. Her beathwork journeys are quantum cosmic Psychoactivations, allowing folks to entry higher coronary heart consciousness and self-love by unlocking DMT endogenously in the brain. Vivian is a certified Breathwork teacher and a KRI licensed Kundalini Yoga teacher.


I found this to be the most suitable and smart to what I’m trying to attain with these recordings. Alexandre is a frequent guest-lecturer in main establishments similar to Georgetown University, Princeton University, Columbia University, NYU, and in museums such as the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Brooklyn Museum, the Rubin Museum, and the Museum of the City of New York. Esteemed researchers involved in the confluence of psychoactive catalysts and world change will be presenting at ESPD55. Under the considerate curatorship of Dennis McKenna and the ESPD55 coordination staff, a choice of the most well-respected researchers, together with emerging investigators, will share their most up-to-date findings within the thrilling symposium program. Working with our breath and surrendering to sound we will create a secure house to loosen up and open ourselves to faucet into the items of this Full Moon.