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We started our motocross journey in 1972 in California and then moved to Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Our group aims to recapture the exhilarating sense of freedom that we all experienced each time we hit the observe. Get in contact with us to hyperlink up along with your local membership today. Please initially contact the relevant marque Dating

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Motocross for the 30+ racers

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Our companion clubs every maintain occasions to finish our annual championship series. Int’l Oldtimers is all about enjoyable competition with our pals who refuse to stop the sport we grow up with. Clear photographs of the whole Stamped Frame

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We are one of many longest regularly operating race sequence in the United States and Canada. Come be part of us at the races, benefit from the travel and competitors. Oldtimers MX is a motocross group positioned in the US and Canada. Formed in 1972 and now and consisting of eleven chapters of native clubs.

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Thousands of members enjoy the many benefits offered by the VJMC, together with our bi-monthly “Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Magazine” devoted to classic motorcycling. Please ship no much less than 1 photograph of each aspect of

form below and the Dating Letter. Those wishing to become members of the

is £45.00 for members and £55.00 for non-members.

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and Engine numbers are required and, Vin plate if fitted, shown in a single Photo. Chalk or marker pen

The bike should be complete and in one piece, and lights and so forth fitted, otherwise the DVLA may issue a “Daylight” only